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Kitchen & Bath

Bathroom Cleaner

For everyday soil & grime in the bathroom. Removes calcium deposits, hard water spots, soap scum & body oils from showers, sinks, tubs and wall tile.

Quickly & easily removes build-up of soap residue, hard water spots, mold & mildew stains and other stubborn soil throughout the bathroom.



Easily cleans everyday dirt, grime, oil & water soluble soils from surfaces without leaving a streaky - oily residue.

Cleaner /Degreaser specially formulated to remove all types of soil from surfaces throughout the kitchen or office including everyday spills, splatters & grime.


Cook Top Protectant

Cleans& Shields all glass & ceramic cook tops for a crystal clear finish, easier cleaning & improved appearance.

Seals the surface to actively repel water, soil and stains from food spills, splatters and boil overs.


Glass Cleaner

Cleans all glass & plastic surfaces to a streak free shine!

Formulated for fast and effective results without streaking or smearing!


Invisible Shield

INVISIBLE SHIELD Surface Protectant seals, polishes & protects all glass, porcelain & ceramic with a durable water, soil & stain repellent "barrier coating" that prevents the adhesion & build-up of water, soil, grime & minerals for easier cleaning & improved appearance.

Invisible Shield is perfect for windows, glass facades, shower doors & enclosures, sinks, tubs, wall tile & much more to keep them clean, sparkling & protected. This tried and proven, liquid coating technology is long lasting, used by professional on glass and other surfaces to prevent excess soiling & staining.


Invisible Shield Gel

INVISIBLE SHIELD GEL protects all kitchen & bathroom surfaces against the adhesion and build-up of water, soil, grime & minerals for easier cleaning.

This newly patented non-flammable, VOC free and non-toxic coating technology is applied like a polish to clean & shield surfaces against soiling by actively repelling water, soil and stains. Invisible Shield Gel is easy to use and keeps surfaces looking like new!


Plastic Cleaner

Cleans Plastic & Acrylic Surfaces.

New cream formula developed to clean & polish all plastic & acrylic surfaces without scratching or dulling surface.


Stainless Shine

Stainless Shine cleans everyday soil & grime, food spills, dust & fingerprints from stainless steel & other polished metal surfaces.

Quickly and easily removes "spots", stains, grime & fingerprints from stainless steel and other surfaces without changing the natural shine, brilliance and luster of the surface. Use it on sinks, ranges, hoods, appliances & more.


Stainless Steel Cleanser & Polish

Deep cleans tough build-up of Insoluble Soil & Grime from stainless steel.

Removes the toughest stubborn stains, grime & soil from stainless steel surfaces such as panels, hoods, sinks & grills.


Repel Glass Cleaner & Repellent

The world's first "Dual Action" glass & surface cleaner & repellent utilizing new 3D Nano-coat technology! REPEL cleans glass to a streak free shine & simultaneously protects glass and other surfaces with a water, soil & stain repellent "nano- scale barrier" coating that dramatically reduces the adhesion & buildup of soil & grime for easier cleaning! It repels hard water spots, oil, grime, dust, fingerprints, smudges, soap scum and mineral stains on all glass including shower doors, glass facades, windows, mirrors, tables, partitions, toughened glass, laminates, sand blasted glass, solar panels & many more hard surfaces. Repel makes glass almost self-cleaning! This storage-stable, solvent-free spray & wipe product is non-toxic to users and is earth safe.


Ultra Care Cream Cleanser-Stain Remover & Restorer

Heavy duty abrasive cleanser that safely and effectively removes the toughest build-up of soil & other stains such as water spots, minerals, soap scum, rust & lime scale deposits.

This unmatched cleaner deep cleans shower doors, ceramic tile, porcelain sinks and other fixtures without the use of strong acids or solvents. It removes soap residue, minerals and hardened soil from surfaces without damaging the surface.


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