Unelko Corporation & Unelko n.v.: For over forty years, Unelko has been a leading manufacturer of water repellents, surface treatments and protective coatings. Their primary focus has been on the preservation, enhancement and “preventive cleaning” of surfaces – ranging from glass, porcelain and ceramics to marble, granite and laminates and concrete, masonry and limestone – whose users could never sufficiently control the environments to which their products were exposed or the manner in which they were maintained.

Thus, Unelko’s focus has always been on practical technologies; on post-manufacture and end-user applied ultra-thin-film surface treatments that would not visually change the surface, but that would preserve its appearance and texture, enhance performance and make objects less prone to the adhesion and build-up of all foreign matter.

From the ongoing study of the nature and chemistry of water, water residue and everyday soil, Unelko has demonstrated that the adhesion and build-up of water insoluble soil can only be prevented by making surfaces water and soil repellent.

Major Breakthroughs in Surface Coating Technology: Through extensive, ongoing research & development, Unelko Corporation now has newly-patented surface care technologies that are non-flammable, non-combustible, VOC-free, non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-irritating to eyes or skin. These products clean and simultaneously shield surfaces with invisible water, soil & stain repellent barrier coatings that reduce the penetration, adhesion and buildup of re-soiling for dramatically easier next-time cleaning!

While similar in performance and durability to the “non-stick” finishes on pots, pans and utensils, the Unelko cleaning and coating products are distinctive in a number of very important characteristics:

  • They can be applied to new or used surfaces with simple wiping & polishing techniques.
  • They are absolutely invisible, not gray, brown or black as are most PTFE coatings.
  • They enhance, but will not change, the natural luster or color of the surface.
  • They are infinitely renewed, without build-up, as the surface is cleaned after normal use.

Looking To the Future: Unelko manufactures specialty cleaning, preservation and easy- maintenance products. It has more advanced surface care technology on the way for its worldwide markets. Unelko is willing to private label and share its surface care expertise, technology and products with those manufacturers, distributors and retail chains committed to the preservation, enhancement and preventive cleaning of everyday surfaces.

Unelko’s mission is – to develop unique products that clean, protect & maintain surfaces using water, soil & stain repelling technologies for reduced soiling, easier maintenance, improved appearance and extended life. Its products will always be manufactured to the highest standards and specifications and respond to rapidly changing end-user preferences for convenient, safe and environmentally-compliant products.

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