The Clean-X® patented surface care products are famous for helping to take the guesswork out of cleaning. The products are designed to clean, shield and protect surfaces in one easy step in order to keep kitchens and bathrooms clean and sanitary; free of dirt, grime, soap scum and mineral buildup. By using these products, ordinary surfaces are transformed into high performance water, soil and stain repellent surfaces. Clean-X® products that feature “nano-shield” barrier coatings protect surfaces against water, soil and stains for easier next-time cleaning. Their nano-shield technology instantly seals the pores of the surface so that soil, grime and minerals will not stick. Learn More >


Commercial Glass

Over the past four decades, Unelko’s research and development has led to innovative dual action glass cleaning and shielding technologies that feature Unelko’s new 3D Nano-scale Technology. Cleaners that simultaneously provide nano-scale “barrier coatings” that shield and protect glass against staining. All while cleaning in just one simple step!   INVISIBLE SHIELD®, the world’s first transparent polymer coating protects windows, facades, toughened glass, laminates, sand blasted glass, mirrors & skylights with lasting water, soil & stain repellent protection. It resists soiling, prevents weathering, fine scratches, staining, etching, water spot and mineral build-up and makes periodic cleaning & maintenance much easier and less costly. Unelko has expanded a unique line that represents the ultimate in cleaning, shielding and stain removal for all architectural & commercial glass. Learn More >


Clean-X® professional products stand apart from other janitorial cleaners. Clean-X products are building a well-deserved reputation within the janitorial and commercial cleaning markets as true time and labor savers. They offer cleaners, coatings and antimicrobials specifically designed for the industrial, janitorial and commercial cleaning markets. Specifically, the Clean-X Sani-Scrub and Sani-Shield products are revolutionary products and the best assets to the janitorial industry. Sani Scrub removes tough surface stains and the buildup of hard water minerals, rust, dirt, grime & stains without scratching or dulling the surface and simultaneously shields surfaces against the adhesion & buildup of inorganic soil. It also provides an invisible antimicrobial resistant barrier coating on which odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew will not grow in-between cleaning. Sani Shield is a newly patented spray & wipe antimicrobial surface care technology that cleans everyday organic soil & grime with the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide and simultaneously shields surfaces against dirt & grime build-up for easier cleaning and protects surfaces against the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold & mildew stains. Learn More >


Unelko has developed a well-deserved reputation as the leading manufacturer of specialty cleaners and coatings for automotive glass and other surfaces. They pioneered the surface protectant category with The Invisible Shield and invented the world famous Rain-X line of automotive products. Unelko’s New Glass Science® line includes high performance cleaners, rain repellants and surface treatments that provide drivers with the ultimate in improved visibility, safety and driving comfort in all kinds of inclement weather. Learn More >


Marine Glass

Cruise ships and other large ocean vessels can be difficult to impossible to keep clean. It can be incredibly challenging to properly maintain the thousands of square feet of exterior and amenity glass that is exposed to the harsh marine environment. Frequent cleanings are required to prevent the corrosive effects of salt build-up and to keep the glass clean and clear without wasting precious potable water. Unfortunately, most traditional cleaning products are too harsh and end up damaging marine glass. Thanks to Unelko’s innovative Glass Science® Marine Glass products, it is easy to remove stains and spots from even the grimiest of boat glass, balconies and balustrades—gently and effectively. The Glass Science® Marine Glass products feature a transparent polymer coating that repels water, soil and stains for easier cleaning and improved appearance. The products offer Dual Action cleaners featuring Unelko’s newly invented 3D Nanocoat Technology. Now you can clean & simultaneously shield glass in 1 simple Step and maintain ship glass easier and more cost effectively. For more information, contact us directly at 480.991.7272. Learn More >

787-3 In-flight Artwork K63966


The surfaces of aircraft are constantly being exposed to things like soil, salt air, rain, slush, ice, volcanic ash, atmospheric dust, exhaust residues, and condensation. These substances, if left unchecked, will build-up on aircraft surfaces and cause serious corrosion and deterioration. The accumulated contaminates can also affect flying safety, especially during takeoffs and landings. Thanks to the Repcon and Aerovision products and their rain repelling and surface conditioning technologies, aircraft canopies and other transparencies can stay clean and safe. Repcon is currently being used by federal, institutional and governmental agencies, as well as by the military and commercial and private aircraft companies worldwide. Learn More >